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Hi, and welcome. 

I'm Katrina, a parent coach and consultant. I help parents to help their children with anxiety.

If you're wondering "how do I help my child with anxiety?" you've come to the right place. 

There's nothing worse than seeing your child struggle with anxiety, not knowing how to help them, and worrying about what their future looks like. I've been there! Your wellbeing is as important as your child's, and I help to take care of both. 

I currently have two live Zoom webinars coming up to teach parents the Goulding "Sleeptalk" method. This is a simple, gentle technique of talking to your child in their sleep every night, which helps them to feel safe, calm and connected, leading to more calm and happiness during the day. It has helped so many families, including my own!

You can purchase tickets here (10% discount with the code 'sleeptalk'). 

You only need to book onto one workshop and this will teach the technique. There is a 10% discount if you enter the code ‘sleeptalk’. 


The two available dates and links are:

Monday 8th July 7pm-8:30pm: click here

Friday 12th July 9:30am-11:00am: click here

I am also a trained provider of the SPACE anxiety treatment program for childhood anxiety. 

You can see the range of services I provide here.

I always offer a free 30 minute consultation, which you can book here. 

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Parent coach and consultant for parents of anxious children

Surrey and virtually worldwide


"After meeting Katrina, I instantly felt uplifted and like we had hope that things could improve. We learned so much about how changing our behaviour as parents could positively impact our daughter’s behaviours and ultimately how she feels and reacts.


Before we started our sessions, our daughter had very low self-esteem and confidence, fearful to carry on with clubs she was a part of, irritated by clothing, shoes, socks, highly sensitive to change and any negative behaviour of others towards her. She just wasn’t coping with life. Now she is almost her own therapist. Telling herself she can do things, that she can manage, that she will be ok. She can recognise when she might need to take herself off to a calm space. She is doing well in school, managing friendship with all their ups and downs and becoming more resilient. She is happy, fun and seems free.


Without Katrina’s help I believe we would have become really depressed. She has offered professional support but is such a warm and genuine person who shows true empathy and makes you feel empowered. I feel she has changed me as a person and as a parent. She truly is worth her weight In gold. All we can say in THANK YOU X"

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